8 Best Boat Fiberglass Repair Kit In 2022 [Top Rated]

1Bondo Fiberglass Resin Repair Kit9.6Buy from Amazon
2TRUE COMPOSITES Premium Gelcoat Repair Kit-Complete Set with Hardener9.6Buy from Amazon
3TotalBoat Polyester Structural Repair Putty - Marine Grade Long Strand Fiber Fiberglass Reinforced Filler for Boat and Automotive Repair (Quart Kit)9.2Buy from Amazon
4TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy Resin Kit (Quart, Slow Hardener)9.2Buy from Amazon
5Bondo Fiberglass Cloth, Repairs Small to Large Holes9Buy from Amazon
6105-K Fiberglass Boat Repair Kit8.8Buy from Amazon
7isopon UP5009 Fiberglass Repair Kit8.8Buy from Amazon
8MagicEzy Hairline Fix - (Snow White) - Gelcoat Repair Kit - Fix Cracks and Scratches Like a Pro - Fiberglass Boat Repair Kit - Boats8.8Buy from Amazon
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Table Of Content:

1. Bondo Fiberglass Resin Repair Kit

  • Easy Do-it-yourself kit to repair holes and scratches on automobiles, boats and more.
  • Provides 100% waterproof seal for long-lasting, durable repairs.
  • Strong and versatile formula for multiple surfaces including concrete, wood, fiberglass, and metal
  • Sandable in under 2 hours
  • Includes everything that is needed for the DIYer – fiberglass resin, liquid hardener, plastic spreader, fiberglass cloth, mixing stick and mixing tray.
  • Ideal for many repair projects, such as auto body repair, tubs, showers (non plastic), hot tubs, sealing concrete or wood, boats and other water craft, rust outs in metal, and large holes or cracks.
  • Do-it-yourself repair at a fraction of the time and cost
  • Repairs large holes or cracks.
  • When cured has a large translucent light brown color.
  • Paintable
  • Non-shrinking polyester resin bonds to metals and plastics
  • Kit includes all materials for easy application
  • Hardens quickly for fast repairs
  • Includes directions for easy, trouble-free use
  • Do-it-yourself auto body repair at a fraction of the time and cost

2. TRUE COMPOSITES Premium Gelcoat Repair Kit-Complete Set with Hardener

3. TotalBoat Polyester Structural Repair Putty – Marine Grade Long Strand Fiber Fiberglass Reinforced Filler for Boat and Automotive Repair (Quart Kit)

  • PRE-THICKENED FIBER REINFORCED POLYESTER PUTTY for high-strength structural filling, fitting, bonding, bedding & radius forming; great for boat building & repair on fiberglass, wood, metal, polyester laminates & core materials; use above or below waterline.
  • MARINE FILLER has premium polyester resin and long strand glass fibers for strength, impact resistance & elasticity; ideal for bonding decks, stringers & liners to hulls; filleting and bonding bulkheads, and filling screw holes, bolt holes, chips & dents.
  • EASY TO MIX, EASY TO APPLY: For a 100g mass, catalyze with 1% MEKP to get 15-20 min.
  • FAST-SETTING STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE is ideal for fiberglass & gelcoat repair; for cosmetic fairing, overcoat Polyester Structural Repair Putty with TotalBoat Polyester Fairing Compound; it sands smooth easily & can be finished with TotalBoat Gelcoat with wax.

4. TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy Resin Kit (Quart, Slow Hardener)

  • PREMIUM EPOXY KITS include enough 5 to 1 marine epoxy resin and hardener to complete a variety of boat building and epoxy repair projects For wood, fiberglass, reinforcement fabrics, etched aluminum, bare steel and lead Not for clear-coating projects.
  • IDEAL VISCOSITY for wetting out fiberglass cloth and other reinforcement fabrics Self-leveling properties ideal for coating and laminating Combine with fillers to make a high-strength, moisture-resistant fairing compound, filleting material or adhesive.
  • CHOOSE FAST OR SLOW HARDENER: Pot life ranges from 12 min at 75F for Fast Hardener, to 20 minutes at 75F for Slow Hardener Cures to a high-strength, moisture-resistant, light amber plastic solid that can be sanded and shaped.
  • CHOOSE FROM THREE EPOXY KIT SIZES: Quart, Gallon, and 4.
  • PUMPS INCLUDED: Metered resin and hardener pumps provide the exact 5 parts resin to 1 part hardener ratio for a proper cure every time.

5. Bondo Fiberglass Cloth

  • Use with Bondo Fiberglass Resin for strong waterproof repairs
  • Use to repair holes or cracks in fiberglass, wood and metal
  • Cloth pattern provides reinforcement for a strong repair
  • Waterproof and paintable
  • Versatile product works for repairing automobiles, boats, tubs, showers, sinks, pools, hot tubs and more.
  • Bondo fiberglass cloth is thinner and more flexible than Bondo Fiberglass Mat to provide a smoother finish.
  • Cloth will not rust or rot
  • Does not expand or shrink with temperature change
  • 0.20 mm cloth is generally cut to fit with scissors for uniform repairs
  • Use with Bondo Rotted Wood restorer to fully repair rotted or soft wood.

6. 105-K Fiberglass Boat Repair Kit


7. isopon UP5009 Fiberglass Repair Kit

  • All you need to easily repair holes, splits and cracks on metal, wood, stone and other materials
  • Tough, lightweight and weatherproof
  • Fast and easy to use
  • UP5009

8. MagicEzy Hairline Fix – (Snow White) – Gelcoat Repair Kit – Fix Cracks and Scratches Like a Pro – Fiberglass Boat Repair Kit – Boats

  • EXPERT CRACK AND SCRATCH REPAIR: Fix fine damage easily.
  • GELCOAT REPAIR KIT IN A TUBE:  One-part, colored, glossy fiberglass gelcoat repair filler and sealant so it colors, fills and seals in one application.
  • EASY GELCOAT TOUCH UP: Just clean the surface, apply, level and wipe. It’s that simple.
  • MULTIPLE USES; Use it on your fiberglss boat or jet ski, kayaks, fiberglass showers, or as a touch up repair product for hard surfaces around your home (like ceramic, porcelain and stone).
  • ULTRA TOUGH – LIFETIME DURABILITY PROTECTION; Nanotechnology inside this marine epoxy repair filler penetrates deep into pores; It’s non-toxic, water resistant, and non-hazardous.

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